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Disability Attorney | San Diego

Born and raised in San Pedro, California. I grew up second oldest of five children in a home with great family values. It was stressed upon me at an early age that your gifts are best used to help others. This meant a great deal to me, and I carry these family values today. I believe everyone deserves a chance to better their life.

I came to San Diego to attend college in 1979 and have lived here ever since.  Graduating with honors from the University of San Diego in 1983 was an early accomplishment that set the precedent for success early in my career. This allowed me to study law in Salzburg, Austria, and Florence, Italy. I then went on to earn my Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego in 1987 which effectively started my law career.

I have been proudly serving the disabled in southern California for more than 30 years. Having represented over 8,500 disability claimants means I have the expertise to represent you.

We can’t wait to welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation and offer a free consultation.



Our Clients

Thank you for helping me when I felt there was nowhere to turn…You are a good man Matty Sandoval…Your kindness means much more than words can say, I appreciate all that you’ve done for me, may you be blessed all the days to come.

Troy P.

Social Security Disability claims are often initially denied, even though the person applying may be seriously in a bad way. It is just how this particular bureaucracy operates. The application takes a long time to process, and you need someone aggressive to fight in your corner for you against those paper-pushers at Social Security. Attorney Matty Sandoval is the one to go see. A denied claim means it’s time to step up your game and it is now a good idea to seek the assistance of an attorney to handle the appeal of denial. I know of someone who has used this law office and had only good things to say about it. She told me Matty was very diligent in her case and raved about his “legal abilities.”

Gail P.

I recommend Matty Sandoval and his team because they are all very good and thorough in providing you with the best service as possible. Always answered my questions and they helped me win my case!! Thank you Matty Sandoval!

Norma Silva-Garcia

Pursuing disability benefits owed to you by the Social Security Administration can, at its best be a burdensome headache; at its worst, an all-consuming nightmare. Pursuing those benefits with the assistance of a well-trained, experienced attorney specializing in Social Security law is a must. I should know. I am a lawyer whose specialty is not Social Security law. For years I sought disability benefits for myself because of a rare, life-threatening heart disease; a disease which, unfortunately, eventually caused me to seek a disability retirement, and which ultimately led to my undergoing heart transplant surgery. Despite submitting medical records, my own doctors’ opinions, and opinions of top specialists in this area of cardiology, for years the Social Security Administration denied me disability benefits. Not until I retained the services of Matty Sandoval, Esq., to represent me in the United States Federal District Court, did I receive a fair hearing and ultimately a favorable decision granting me retroactive and prospective benefits. Despite the complicated nature of my case, Mr. Sandoval devoted the time necessary to understanding the medical nuances of my heart disease, the side effects of medications and how both precluded me from being able to work. He and his staff always made time to answer my questions and explain legal positions to be taken in my case. Mr. Sandoval’s professionalism, knowledge of complicated Social Security regulations, compassion, and experience representing Social Security applicants in the Social Security system were invaluable to finally obtaining my disability benefits. I only wish I had retained his services earlier.

Rhonda L.

Matty Sandoval fought my disability case for 8 years including suing SSA successfully in Federal Court after three administrative hearings. He finally won my case. I can not thank him enough or recommend an attorney more highly.

Ivan Sotomayor