Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Social Security Disability Income

Social Security Disability Income provides monthly cash disability payments. Everyone who works pays FICA (Federal Insurance Contribution Act) taxes, and if you have paid enough of these taxes in your past jobs, you are considered “insured” and therefore eligible for SSDI if you have a qualifying disability. Proving you are disabled is Attorney Sandoval’s legal specialty.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) unlike SSDI, is a need-based program. SSI is designed to pay benefits to disabled people who need help with living, even if they haven’t worked or paid taxes into the Social Security system. Again, proving you are disabled is where Attorney Sandoval comes in.

Disabled Widow or Widower

Spouses depend on each other. They are dependent on the other’s income. When a person receiving regular Social Security Disability or regular Social Security benefits passes away, the surviving spouse is eligible to receive their spouse’s benefits. This eligibility is earned if the spouse is over 60 years old. If the surviving spouse is disabled, the eligibility age to receive Widow/Widower Benefits is lowered to age 50.

Disabled Adult Child

An adult disabled before age 22 may be eligible for child’s benefits. This occurs when a parent is deceased or starts receiving retirement or disability benefits. As a result, the government considers this a “child’s” benefit because it is paid on a parent’s Social Security earnings record. Find out how Matty can help you!

Why Clients Choose Us?


Attorney Sandoval  and his team are experts with the SSA system, and familiar with all the local judges handling disability claims. He represented over 8,500 disability claimants in the last 30 years.

Individual Attention

Attorney Sandoval will personally handle your claim from the date of hire through the entire process, including the hearing. Many firms send in an inexperienced lawyer assigned to your claim a week or two prior to the hearing.


The team at Attorney Sandoval’s office is bilingual, professional, and exceptionally qualified. The Office Manager, Sorayna Reyes, began working for Attorney Sandoval over 30 years ago. She knows the law and procedures, and is known at all the SSA offices around Southern California, and the SSA court (OHO). Paralegal Karen Gomez is an attorney in Mexico, with vast experience in legal matters and procedures.


Is your lawyer willing to sue SSA in Federal Court? Have they ever done so in the past? Attorney Sandoval has sued SSA in the United States District Court, and even the United States Court of Appeals in the Ninth Circuit. In other words, he will pursue justice for you and your claim.

8500 +

Disability Hearings

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Federal Court Appeals

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Years of Experience


Attorney Sandoval represented over 8,500 Social Security disability claimants over the past 30 years.


Attorney Sandoval will represent you at your hearing. He does not send anyone in his place to represent you in court.


Attorney Sandoval’s staff is bilingual and highly experienced.  His team is familiar with the law and required procedures, the SSA offices around Southern California, and the SSA court (OHO).


Attorney Sandoval is highly respected by judges, doctors, court personnel, competitors, and importantly, thousands of happy clients.


Attorney Sandoval graduated from the University of San Diego Law School in 1987, one of the best law schools in the country.


Attorney Sandoval is described as a tiger, bulldog, and a brawler by former clients who happily refer their friends and family to him for representation. In other words, he doesn’t back down and will fight hard for you.