Local Attorney is Life Raft to Impoverished Clients

Disability attorney Matty M. Sandoval came from the humble beginnings of San Pedro, a small fishing town in Los Angeles County where his father was the local barber and his mother cared for him and his four siblings. His desire to help others is tied to strong family values to help your fellow man, which manifested into a legal career after working with farm workers in Imperial County. “Doing this job, you’re helping the most vulnerable,” said Attorney Sandoval. “I realized it’s a great area of law for me because you do well by doing good.”

Attorney Sandoval is a Southern California institution, representing clients for the past 32 years in the San Diego and Imperial counties. Known as a “bulldog” by former clients for his tenacity, he values the opportunity to take on even the toughest cases to win claims and restore integrity. “I’ve always had a ‘take on the bully’ kind of mentality,” he said. “When you’re fighting the federal government, you should have the best representation possible.”

As the principal of The Law Offices of Matty Sandoval, he provides quality Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) representation as well as expertise in the areas of disabled widow/widower and disabled adult child. The disabled clients he represents are comprised of a broad demographic including priests, nuns and doctors, among others. However, roughly 10 percent of his clientele are homeless. “By the time a client sees me they’ve gone months or years without money so they’re desperate. They feel beat down by the appeals and paperwork.”

He likened the cumbersome process of proving a person is disabled to building a house, saying the diagnosis is just the foundation. But for Attorney Sandoval there’s no deterrent in getting clients the justice they deserve. “I like fighting a good battle every day,” he said. While many law firms assign an inexperienced attorney to claims just a week or two prior to a hearing, Attorney Sandoval handles cases from the date of hire throughout the process, including the hearing. “I’m personally invested in every case that comes through. You can’t buy as much experience as I have,” he said.

Sandoval’s 32 years of professional dedication to the disabled community has garnered him 8,000 administrative hearings, 500 federal court actions, and numerous United States Court of Appeals favorable decisions in the Ninth Circuit. Attorney Sandoval currently takes on 250 cases each year pursuing justice for claimants seeking various disability benefits. “For me, the reward in winning a case is the relief of knowing somebody who was that bad off is able to financially survive,” he said. “I believe everyone deserves a chance to better their life.”

The Law Offices of Matty M. Sandoval are located in San Diego and El Centro. For more information on how to obtain representation call (619) 220-7014 or 1(800)456-5034 or visit: mattythedisabilityattorney.com